Edges Cleaning hot knife for SGP PVB laminated safety glass
Hand operated tool for cutting small quantities, for short-time operation only.
To cut and seal synthetic fiber products, such as ropes, bands, belts and fabric.
Fitted with cutting foot, the combined tool is especially effective for cutting
synthetic fabric without cutting surface.
Controlling heating by switching the toll on and off

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Hot Knife Electric Rope Cutter Cautions
Always operate the Hot Knife in well ventilated space.
Never burn off the excess residue on the Hot Knife blade. The blades will over heated and be warped.
Only operate Hot Knife when it is in contact with the insulation board
Keep hot blades away from skin, clothing and other flammable materials.
Allow blades to cool before handling. Hot Knife may cause injury or burns to exposed surfaces.
If the temperature inside the tool is too high, the unit will get hot and the internal thermal protectors will turn it off, after it cool, the Hot Knife will operate again.

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